La Zorrera

In a natural and human environment

Winegrowing at Finca Legardeta has remained true to its original intent, i.e. the quest for the ideal vineyard from which to craft wines that reflect the undulating landscape of the Estate. Terroir "is the idea of being able to find in the wine, the unique characteristics derived from the natural and human environment from which it hails".

Chivite La Zorrera

In 2014, we began the search to identify our vineyard plots with the most personality. From this experimentation came our surprising La Zorrera wine, a long-lived, complex, full-bodied, yet surprisingly fresh, Garnacha.

La Zorrera is a 6.65-hectare plot of Garnacha Tinta planted in a narrow 1.8 m x 0.9 m scheme, in 2000. The plot is situated on a southwest-facing hillside, where gradients are as high as 22%, at an altitude of between 487-550 m.

La Zorrera has clay-limestone soil with excellent organic matter, which ensures that the vine is not over-vigorous. This, in turn, leads to small grape berries and well-balanced vegetation able to preserve the vine’s water supply over the summer months. This clay-limestone character will result in wines with fine, elegant aromas and big, smooth tannins.

Moreover, due to the Atlantic-continental climate, the Garnacha ripens late and is able to reach full maturity which is conducive to the crafting of Garnacha wines with a fine expression and excellent acidity.

This wine is produced to the highest standards of quality: hand-harvesting, careful sorting, gentle pressing and long ageing in oak barrels.

The result is a fine wine destined for long ageing.

Chivite La Zorrera