Las Fincas Range

Made in partnership with Arzak

The idea of creating the Las Fincas range was born out of the longstanding friendship between the Chivite and Arzak families and the numerous conversations and occasions spent enjoying good food and good wine in each other’s company. Thus, at one of these get-togethers, the idea of creating a wine that would be "that wine we’d always like to enjoy together" was born. This wine would also be a tribute to the know-how of an old family, the Arzaks. The Las Fincas wines are designer wines not just because of the attractiveness of their presentation but because of the great care taken in their crafting. These are authentic, sophisticated and perfectly-crafted wines.

Las Fincas 2 Garnachas Blanco

This wine is the result of various rosé winemaking experiments to allow us to carry out carefully-controlled maceration work.

The result of these many trials was a melting pot of aromas, textures and hues, some colourless, authentic Blanc de Noirs, with captivating and exotic aromas. This gave us the idea of creating a new white wine made solely from the Garnacha Tinta. However, the blend needed rounding out and something that would give the wine a bit more complexity on the nose. Fortunately, the solution was close at hand: the addition of a proportion of Garnacha Blanca fermented in barrel with plenty of work on the lees as is the winery’s custom.

The result is a wine that bears all the hallmarks of the Chivite wines and is therefore typical of the Legardeta estate, with an emphasis on acidic tension that brings freshness and balances the smoothness with a complex and nuanced bouquet.

Las Fincas Barrica

Las Fincas Rosado

This wine has a complex production process and is a perfect example of the precision required for the crafting of a quality rosé.

Our aim is to create a rosé with a subtle balance between structure and finesse, a fresh wine with a very complex nose dominated by discreet and elegant red fruit and hints of white fruit and flowers. Its appearance is pale due to its low colour intensity, although this is a side-benefit rather than the main objective.

Behind this unique wine lies a very careful winemaking process: it is crafted from a selection of Garnacha Tinta and Tempranillo vineyard plots at Finca Legardeta or from the north of Navarra which are under the influence of the Atlantic-Continental climate. These grapes are harvested when they reach their perfect point of maturity and the wine is produced according to the traditional "sangrado" (bleeding) method.

Las Fincas Rosado